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NAHWA on the Coeur d’Alene

PO Box 266, Plummer, ID 83851

While you may share what you have found here with your friends, we are a private organization ourselves and not engaged with social public websites.

© 2016  -  Native American Health & Wellness Association - All Rights Reserved

Membership Has It’s Benefits

Our Purpose Our Code Our Rights Our Protection Our Membership Our Programs Council of Five Directions

You’ll find over 100 issues spanning two decades covering the cutting edge (or what some would call the ‘underground’) of information on workable alternative cancer methodologies, biological dentistry, German darkfield microscopy, stem-cell therapy, neural therapy, prolotherapy, acupuncture, energy medicine, thermography, anti-aging medicine, isopathic remedies and much more.

Discover insights and possible solutions to cancer, diabetes, Lyme disease, arthritis, chronic inflammation, heart disease, asthma, Parkinson’s, metal toxicity, obesity, MS, Alzheimer’s, Autism, EMF stress - just to name a few of the many diverse issues covered in the 1000+ articles in the archive.

The quadrants of the medicine wheel represent four directions;

East, spring, fire, birth, new beginnings, a rising sun moving us to action, illumination, winged animals like the owl and hawk.

South, summer, earth, period of youth, passion, trust and innocence, overhead sun with no shadows, animals of pride like the lion and wolf.

West, fall, water, parenting, a setting sun, preparation for winter, looking inward at reality and shadows, animals of teamwork like the beaver and the snake to remind us to shed our skin as we change.

North, winter, wind, spirituality, time of wisdom, elders, white hair, contemplation, healing and dreams, deliberate animals like white buffalo, moose, bear.

The center of the wheel represents our self as we turn to face the four directions in life, hopefully meeting each of our seasons and traversing our path balanced and centered as well.

Health Practitioner Network

“Are you kidding me?!!”

Those were the first words this RN said when she came upon an “alternative” health care practitioner who showed her views under a microscope that she had never seen in all her years in the nursing field.

Educated at one of the top nursing schools in the nation, a member of the U.S. Presidential medical triage team stationed in East Asia and a military health trainer, this nurse took notice. And the game changed.

The grind of dispensing medications and battling never ending health issues was over. Our nurse realized the only real cure for all of it was to show people how to be healthy and then help get them there.

This RN unregistered herself. Many more are finding themselves in a similar situation every day. At NAHWA they’ll find a home as our resident Unregistered Nurse leads the charge for them and others in our private member area.

LOOK is a program where we ship out 2 or 3 video cameras fully loaded with hours of video memory, a movie slate & clapperboard, wireless microphones, some instructions, and then the participants let the story unfold.

After the story on video is captured, everything is sent back, edited, and the result is a mini guerilla documentary or news segment made available to our members.

It’s a way of keeping members in touch with some of the best of what’s going on in the health field today.

Here is our association name styled with a more traditional medicine wheel depiction. You might see this at special events or other locations designating that members are joining together in association or where there are privileged association matters at hand.

You may recall the shield of an insurance company known as Blue Cross. While that shield is in reference to protecting health expenses through insurance, we think the best insurance or shield against ill health is to simply be healthy. This is NAHWA.   

The NAHWA Shield

As a Private Member Association our shield is also symbolic of the right to associate with others and the protections provided in law to do that.

The blue circle refers to the circle of life and is also a nod to the earth which sustains us, our blue planet. The extensions below the circle are a stylized form reminiscent of feathers often depicted as dropping down from a medicine wheel.

Yes, we are NAHWA.


You will find the circle, balance, elements, and more depicted in various ways in many cultures around the world. Our humanity is shared with all who walk this planet. While we walk our own path, the best we can do is to do it with awareness, choose love over power,  and be as healthy as we can be in the process.

What we do within our association is not just about learning how health works in the human condition, or about the soil of the cell, or the soil of the farm, but ultimately, of the soil as a metaphor for all that hold us together in this Way of Life - which is Him Dag-Yem Ethoy.

Health practitioners joining NAHWA may elect to become formal Health Advocates of the association. In this process you are recorded in our system and you receive your own tribal certificate authenticating the recognition of your role and further, you will have your own Private Member Association in which to engage other members. This is a fully supported benefit that has a legal team behind it to defend your private health advocacy work should that need ever arise.  

As a lawful & tribal recognized Private Member Association, associating with others under the NAHWA shield to provide what you do best is a recognized right between parties that is unalienable.

Special Member Perks for Health Care Practitioners

Join NAHWA as a health care practitioner member and if you’ve ever had certain fears of practicing your craft with the public you can now put that behind you.

Overview of the Practitioner Health Advocate.

The protections afforded Private Member Associations in law.

We refer to the individual’s in this program as our
Practitioner Health Advocates.

With right of self-determination, we are equally self-regulating.

All members who are practitioners and working with other members have a duty to hold to the highest standards of practice guided by moral and professional certitude.

Practitioner Health Advocates are expected to hold to the highest standard of practice and it is part and parcel of operating within the Private Member Association we advance in order to secure a solid legal defense if such is ever required.

Discussion and enrollment into this program is available in the membership area for our practitioner members. Below are two documents you can review if this program is of interest.


If you are healthy, you can’t be sick.
That is the goal of what true health care should be about.

This is the goal that NAHWA has for you.

Contrast this with Obamacare and the abomination currently called health care which is more about the extraction of wealth from the population at large through cartel behavior of a medical monopoly than it is about getting you healthy.

Health and discussions of it are just a chimera that keeps the money game going. Gain happens when you are sick, made sick, or kept sick. There is no profit in cures for cancer, heart disease, or anything else that might make you healthy and independent.

The cartel engaged in this behavior is supported by insurance operations and political will where RICO and other laws are not enforced. However criminal this might be and however criminal your politicians might be that make it possible, it is something that should be understood and fought against at every turn.

Joining NAHWA will help you do that.