Council of Five Directions

Damon  Schlenske, MSCJ, CNA
Sunbear of Blackfeet
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Robert Eslinger, DO, HMD
Reno, Nevada

Linda Sereika BSN
Chicago, Illinois

Neil Kantor
Rocket Scientist
Santiago, Chile

Anil Bajnath, MD
Hollywood, Florida

Our council provides: guidance and direction to the association as required to hold to our highest standards with respect to the rights and right action of all members; encouragement to hold resolve in our responsibility to meet these ends; a path to resolution of conflicts when member activity warrants action.

Rights. Respect. Responsibility. Resolve. Resolution.

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Anil is our council’s young blood wired into the latest thoughts and technologies occurring in the mainstream health care arena and its academic world.

As a pre-med 19 year old student, Anil attended a Biomedx workshop and got his feet wet in understanding biological medicine. That experience pumped him up and led him to getting a BS in both Molecular Biology and Medical Laboratory Science before moving on to get his Medical Degree. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Health.

Among clinical experience and internships, Anil has been with Cleveland Clinic, Jamaica Hospital in Queens New York, at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil, the Paracelsus Clinic of European Biological Medicine of Switzerland, and the Institute for Human Individuality to name just a few.

Linda received her BSN from Loyola University in Chicago. One of her first duties as a new nurse was a morning conference to go over the patient files with the physician staff. She gulped and swallowed hard when she saw the physicians themselves had no clear answers to the cases that were before them. She wondered what she had gotten herself into.

She stayed a Registered Nurse for many years, in trauma care and as a medical trainer for the military. Stationed in Korea she was assigned to the U.S. Presidential medical triage team for East Asia.

When returning to the states she decided she was done with the mainstream medical approach to health care. She un-registered herself as a nurse and started a new health career, teaching clients instead how health works so they could responsibly help to fix their own health issues - government not required.

Every council should have its own rocket scientist. Neil Kantor is ours and at one time he had filled that roll at NASA.

As a physicist with a strong inclination to understand health in the human condition, when Neil left NASA he moved to Germany to work with clinics that used a biological medicine and energetic approach to treat health dysfunction.

Biology is at the core of medicine, although as practiced today one might think pharmacology is the core. It is not. Neil understands this and continues to work to provide new insights to how health functions and unfolds as he applies his physics background to engage new approaches in energy medicine.

Neil is currently in South America working with Dr. Rima Laibow MD, setting up and running a drugless healing center in Chile.

Dr. Bob as his staff fondly calls him, has been in clinical practice for 35 years and you will find him at his Reno Integrative Medical Center.

He is certified in Family Practice, Osteopathic Manipulation, and in Nevada, certified in Alternative Medicine. He’s licensed to practice medicine in California, Idaho and Nevada. He was appointed by the Governor of Nevada in 2008 to sit on the Board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners.

Bob specializes in cancer and chronic disease and is referred to as an integrative cancer doctor. He is fully engaged in Biological Medicine which combines classical treatments with modern science and technology. This encompasses things like dendritic cell vaccines (to enhance natural immune response), GcMaf (stimulate immune detection), UBI (ultra-violet blood irradiation), IPT (insulin potentiated therapy), and more.

Damon is the president and CEO of Native American Trading Corporation of Helena Montana.

He has long had a dream of engaging the Native American community in understanding health from a natural perspective while getting back to the roots of what is most important.

You will often hear him talk of food, fire & water and the goal of bringing nourishment to food deserts scattered across the nation among other things.   

Damon has a passion for growing and once had the largest rose operation under glass in the middle of Montana. Being on a geothermal location, he was growing beautiful roses in the dead of winter bringing flowery brightness to the dullest of days. Today you’ll find him talking food and wanting to grow it in backyards everywhere.