Our Membership

Membership is open to anyone who recognizes they are born of a Creator, endowed with inalienable rights, and have a desire to exercise those rights privately with others in the pursuit of same, to include sharing all manner of health education, health and wellness goals, projects, products, and more.

Membership is for those that prefer to keep certain aspects of their affairs private and not public. The public domain is where the government operates, with rules, regulations, oversight and bureaucracy. In the private domain the government has no seat at the table. Private is a protected mode.

NAHWA provides a construct recognized in foundational law to operate in the private protected mode where government and its bureaucracy is not invited. It is for those who desire unassailable freedoms to exercise rights that many outside the private domain seem more intent to infringe.  

Membership is composed of our Founding and Executive Members, our Special/Affiliate Members who take a more active roll in disseminating our information (typically health care practitioners), and our General Members.