Health Practitioners

A health practitioner’s job is to help people be healthy. However, as health care has become a politically protected domain, government and insurance imposed mandates and limits can stifle the best of intention when helping clients.

Do the wrong thing and you can land in hot water with myriad government agencies acting under the guise of protecting the public.

If a regulator deems something to be wrong with your activity, though you have harmed no one nor trespassed against anyone’s rights, they can step into your life and facility at any time, today often fully armed, to harass you, shut you down, throw you into legal turmoil, and generally make your life miserable. Why? Because it seems they somehow think it’s their job.  

So, if actors in government inject themselves and stand next to the public in every action, and when doing so they often rule by regulatory fiat, why would you ever want to continue working with the public? Every time you do, the government is the silent partner in the relationship.

To the extent you can, you might consider taking your health practice private. It’s a place where government is not invited and has no business. This is NAHWA.

 We Invite Health Practitioners to Join Us Today and Learn a Different Way.