Our Purpose

NAHWA is a not-for-profit unincorporated association that exists for the benefit of our members. As a Private Member Association our members engage in the sharing of education, information, and the free trade of ideas and more in the things of life that most interest us.

This would be: Qhesti’lsh - Being Well.

Our association members hold that health and the freedom to choose, use and provide information, spiritual and/or religious guidance, techniques, modalities, protocols, food, individual or community gardening and farming methods, nutritional and dietary supplements or more, for the actual or perceived wellness of the individual is not a privilege, but is a natural right.

We hold that these rights underlie a fundamental truth;  a person has an inalienable right to feed, nourish, protect, and educate oneself as best he or she can or believes without government coercion or interference, decidedly as one’s conscious dictates, save such actions do not trespass against the rights of another.