In joining NAHWA you agree:

That you support our purpose, code, rights, and protections as delineated on the home page.

That you understand no Member stands above another in NAHWA and none can ever assume or play an advisory role to another and there is never a doctor/patient, counselor/counselee, therapist/client, or agent/principal relationship when engaged in Association activity.

That Association activities, private site content, select products made available to members, training programs, etc., are confidential and not for public dissemination, and,

You shall hold all such information in confidence wherein any such disclosure to members of the public and outside of the Association has the potential to harm the property or other rights of the Association or another Member wherein an injury to one is an injury to all.

You offer, for purpose of becoming a General Member of the Association, as a free man/woman born of a creator and possessing inalienable rights, and under no other auspice or color of office, with pledge to honor the privacy and other rights retained and exercised by NAHWA and its fellow Members, the non-refundable payment of dues of $20 now, and annually hereafter at this or other rate as may be set by the executive board, as long as you remain or desire to remain a Member in good standing.